"Nice productions is definitely one to keep an eye on, their concepts and passions are sound."


Nice Productions is a theatre group based in Melbourne, Australia.

Nice Productions is committed to presenting new works by emerging Australian playwrights, as well as pushing the boundaries and getting in your face. We do not believe in following conventions and do not shy away from controversy, strong themes or offensive language.

Since its inception in 2011, Nice Productions has produced the following original material:

  1. Bullet    Life is Something

  2. Bullet    Three.One.Man.

  3. Bullet    Reunion

  4. Bullet    And What’s Your Freaking Problem???

  5. Bullet    Domestic Warfare

  6. Bullet    King in Exile

  7. Bullet    Destroy Solzhenitsyn

and an established play

  1. Bullet    The Boys

In addition to producing plays, Nice Productions has staged public

readings of unproduced plays and co-produced short films Hundred Dollar

Bill Movie and The Infected.

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